Hello, it's audrey

just a 90s girl tryin' to save the world one vlog/blog at a time

Once upon a time there was a little girl who was born in LBC (where Snoop D-O-Double G is from, ya know.). Her parents and her moved to Oregon when she was just a wee little one, and she grew up in Beaverton & Eugene. Throughout her childhood in Oregon, all of her friends always came to her with their secrets & things they needed advice with. When she was little, it would be things like "I don't like this girl because she likes the boy I like". Then it turned into "My parents are getting a divorce and they want me to tell my little sister but I don't know what to say". Even into high school, people always asked her for advice on anything from family to relationships to life goals. The girl grew up to see this as a blessing and a curse.

Her heart hurt to hear that people around her were unhappy or dissatisfied for one reason or another, but she absolutely loved it that SHE could be the one they trusted & leaned on. She quickly became aware that this was her life purpose: to help others - to give someone advice that made them feel better, and encourage them to live their best life. (And if all else failed, she would at least be a listening ear).

As she grew up, she thought, "I'll be a counselor! I can talk to people about their lives and help em - that would make me happy". Then... she had a different thought. If she could help people one-by-one counseling in a community, why stop there? Why not help as many people as possible? So, she set her heart on bigger dreams and set out to fulfill her *new* dreams of having her OWN TALK SHOW!

What do you do for college if you wanna have your own talk show? Well... you go to Oregon State and study New Media Communications - that's what. She spent four freakin' fantastic years there, and absolutely loved it.

Plot Twist: That little girl that grew up is me and I've been typing in 3rd person this whole time which was extremely hard to be honest. BUT... life updates continued...

I moved to LA and live with two amazing roommates and my doggy and just like you, I am stumbling and growing and loving and living through my 20s & chasing my dreams.

Next stop? Bloggity blog blog. I hope to share with you some things I learned about life, love, and the pursuit of YOUR best life. 

It's coming soon and it'll be the bees knees, whatever that means!